Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heaven On Earth Appreciation Society

Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese
Heaven On Earth Appreciation Society
Nephew Koala Kid Wants You Too!!!

Seeking Angel Investors
Mainly as a way to complete 'God's Perpetual Motion See Saw'
however...share in a stake in all my workings that are shown on FreakieFries as well...$150.00 a year gets you 1/5000 of everything I am into...I hope you will see that this is a good bet for you
1-The FreakieFries Franchise...there is always room for one more...people love variety!...the success of this franchise will ride on the coattails of the story of FreakieFries and all the related happenings
2-The New Age Hotel with Crystal Pyramid...
3-My Book 'An Eternal Love Letter Tothe Girls of FreakieFries'...a book being sold world-wide and I am marketing the movie rights for this as well...I need to come out with a third edition with all the latest as well as better coherence of telling the story of what happened...
4-My song 'Good Luck Will Find Me' ...this song and others that I will be writing
5-Two other inventions which I am not at liberty to divulge because they are in a sensitive stage of patenting; however, I will be able to share them on the website as soon as the new matter is properly registered with the Patent Office, which should be in a few weeks....
here's one now

so all these are being offered for sharing ...with help from 1000 Angel Investors, at $150.00 each, so that there will be a total of $150,000.00 per year, of which half will be my salary and half will go towards expenses that incur from these if it happens,  I will be able to devote full-time to these pursuits
so interested parties may indicate so by email to me...please send no money now...only after 1000 Angel Investors are lined up, I will have an attorney draw up the proper type of entity and I will hire a bank to set up the trust account that will be charged with overseeing the expenses incurred...
thank you

April 30, 1996

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This picture was shot last Sunday, behind a Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia.
The young couple in the picture are a truck mechanic and his girlfriend. He was sent to repair my truck, which would not start that morning.
I really enjoyed their fellowship. They were so charming, and before they left, she told me that she was expecting, and with that, I offered to take a picture of them with the invention.
It turned out to be such a nice shot; that I believe God set this up. In one shot, his machine, and his purpose for giving it to us, for, by the time that expectant child is of the age where his/her most pressing concern is what to wear at prom night, the machine, that they are standing next to in this picture, will have ended the Nuclear Age.
Thank you, God, for I have been so exalted by this.
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese
Heaven On Earth Appreciation Society
Wow! lots has happened since I began Heaven On Earth Appreciation Society back in 1992, as a way to build God's Perpetual motion see saw...
I didn't even have a sketch of it back then...just a knowing...that came in my vision during meditation back in 1982...
a knowing that I could build it...and a motivation to impress the Beautiful Girls of FreakieFries
Oh my God!
what a spell I was under that lasted some 20 years..of deep deep love for the Beautiful Girls of Freakiefries...always on my mind...morning noon and night
and so...knowing that I would need financing to undertake this project...I wrote a letter to prospects with my plan...find 1000 friends willing to invest $100.00 per year for a share of the invention
and with that $100,000.00 per year, half would be my salary, which would allow me to devote full time to building it, and half would be for expenses incurred, such as, a warehouse, tools, parts and such... did not quite work out that way...
I sent out 300 letters
got 3 positive replies with a first check of $ from relatives who were staying with us at the time, one from an old friend from Montreal. and one from a fellow female meditator who had a crush on me...
this...amidst a hailstorm of criticism from just about everywhere else!
I was not allowed to participate in group meditation at the dome in Fairfield Iowa because of it...many of my family and my wife's family thought I had gone weird because of it a nutshell...I got divorced, lost everything and ended up an over the road truck driver by mid 1995
and not too long into trucking...about 2 months...I came to the realization that I had spare time out on the open road, to start devoting towards building God's Perpetual Motion See Saw
and so I began...parking behind Home Depots, Builder's Squares, Lumber 84s and Lowes throughout the some point in 1997...I had to stop physically building it because it was getting so that setting it up would take several hours, and I had to account for tearing it back down as well, leaving me less and less time to actually do the creative part due to limitations of time off in between deliveries...
my nephew knew AutoCad drawing and helped me draw it out and I sent these drawings to world leaders back in 1997...40 a real kind reply from the office of Nelson Mandela
by 1998, I had my first laptop computer and I bought a software program for drawing called TurboCad, which allowed me to do 3D drawings of God's Perpetual Motion See various stages of motion...26 drawings...which I then had assistance from a Purusha meditating monk friend of mine at the Spiritual Center in Boone North Carolina, who knew how to make animation and place it on-line for me...
By then I began to grow in other directions...Thomas Ashley Farrand's teaching gave me insight and understanding in meditation, which empowered me to develop my own meditations...listening to christian radio due to boredom on the open road and nothing else on the radio opened my eyes to the harmful teachings  of religions...
my new web-site which I called 'make luck business' soon became
and I developed the FreakieFries franchise concept, got the trademarks for US and Canada...wrote 'An Eternal Love Letter Tothe Girls of FreakieFries'
and in 2008, just in time for the anniversary of my starting 'Heaven On Earth Appreciation Society' on August 2nd, I copyrighted my song which came in my sleep...woke up ...played out the noted on my piano...wrote the song in just a flurry of activity in a few days...and copyrighted it on-line on August 2nd 2008...
'Good Luck Will Find Me' 2008...I came up with the New Age Hotel idea
and so here we are to this day...with everything on my web-site
and till now, I was thinking...something must be coming to help me move forward with this
...I must not be that God would get me to this point with everything...only to just have it all on a web site and nothing more...
then came the Arab Spring...and I learned about Twitter...that was getting some credit for the uprisings...and then the founder of Twitter was on some radio talk show...
so I decided that this must be my next step that God laid out for I took it
and since doing so.. visitors to my website increased 10-fold in one month and folks were staying on 5 times as long
and I have become a Twitterholic...please excuse me while I go tweet a Twitterholic joke...
I found an outlet for my anti-religion sentiments...and I share my meditation techniques and I pitch my Freakiefries franchise, book, song and my New Age Hotel idea and now...
Heaven On Earth Appreciation Society... is back!!!
Nephew Koala Kid Wants You Too!!!
I am seeking 1000 friends who will invest $150.00 a year...inflation...
in exchange for a share in the entire FreakieFries experience...the book ...the movie rights...the song...the new age hotel...the franchise...and of course...the invention
the $150,000.00 per year will be divided in half...$75,000.00 for my salary and $75,000.00 for expenses related to warehouse, tools and parts for the invention and promoting the other items just mentioned
in exchange for $150.00 per year, the investor will own 1/5000 of FreakieFries Experience...which will be my share of everything possibly earned...for example FreakieFries franchise will earn $25.00 per month royalty from each franchisee...10,000 stores means $250,000.00 a month and an investors share of that is $50.00 a month ...
the invention is for free, clean, safe, unlimited telling what that will be worth at 1/5000 ...say one billion divided by 5000...$200,000.00
a LLC or corporation will be formed as soon as I find 1000 coalition of willing investors...send no money yet....just email your intent to join...$150.00 a probably blow that much on coffee in a couple of months...come me out a part of something truly spiritual
thank you

now let me pitch a bit about 'God's Perpetual Motion See Saw'
here are some arguments for it that you should consider
1- experts that have dismissed perpetual motion back then, could not have imagined all the new technology that we have today and continue to invent into the future...for example Nano technology making super strong super light materials...or super computers allowing for magnetic synchronization for optimal performance...improved magnets...improved lubricants...and so on ...the list is endless...just because it may not work today does not mean that it won't work this time next year...and having the working prototype will avail to us what will be needed to make it work
2-the intriguing story which I share with you on this web-site about how this all came about...the Beautiful Girls of FreakieFries can testify to it...their kids well as my family and meditator friends can testify that which I have been doing for the last 20 years...not necessarily that they believe in it...nonetheless...the spiritual connection...somebody up there wants us to have this...someone who somehow knew about the Beautiful Girls of Freakiefries...even more than I did!...someone who knew how to use this to get me going on the project...the vision itself giving me an unshakeable belief that I can build it
 The Combination Airbrake-Seatbelt Minder